Tap11 Update

I got in I got in!  I got my acceptance letter email from Tap11 University! 

Now, it’s no Tel Aviv University.  In fact, Tap11 has no educational accreditation at all. 

But in all seriousness, Tap11 is quite useful for businesses.  It offers a lot more than just statistics for tweets.  The site allows you to link up all of your social networking sites and blast identical posts to each in one click.  Users can also pre-write posts and schedule them to be sent at an exact minute in the future (note: my birthday is January 1st).  Statistics dashboards on Tap11 are in real time, which is a step up of from even Google’s Analytics program.

More to come about Tap11 as research continues.  If you need me before then, I’ll be in the library studying.

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These Go To Eleven


Tap11 immediately gained my respect when I discovered that its name derives from the infamous Spinal Tap scene.

Things get better from there.  An analytics program for Twitter, Tap11 helps you to “monitor, measure, engage, and manage” your tweets.

Don’t take my word for it.  Tap11 has been recognized by Chirp, The Webby Awards, the Mobile Excellence Awards, and others.

Tap11’s boilerplate reads:

            Tap11 is the real-time business intelligence platform for companies to monitor, engage, and measure the impact of their social media campaigns on Twitter and Facebook (more networks coming soon). Monitoring over 90 million tweets/day, Tap11 provides your business with the most comprehensive Twitter buzz coverage. Twitter recently selected Tap11 as a top 6 app at Chirp, where the judging panel viewed Tap11 as the “Omniture of the real-time web.” Over 500 major brands and marketing firms use Tap11, which was built by a Webby-winning team and is backed by top-tier VCs.”


I recently requested a free trial with Tap11. The company is currently “in private trials” with other “leading companies”. 

Will I get chosen?? (high school gym class flashback)

 Check back, kids.



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