Klout App for iPhone: Just What I Needed

Hooray, my roommate just became MORE annoying!

Klout, the company that measures a user’s online influence, released an app for the iPhone today.

The app will track K+s and feature real-time scoring, giving Klout users the ability to check their scores even more frequently.

This means even more “Yo Sarie, did you see that Kraft tweeted at me? My Klout score is gonna go krazy" and "MC Hammer follows me on Twitter, so I’m prolly gonna get sum new Klout perks in the mail.” (Yes, he really talks like Chet Haze.)

In reality, my roommate’s high Klout score has totally paid off when it comes to Klout perks. Just last week he got a big orange shoe box that included 2 books (do Klout users really read books?), a bookmark (wtf?), and an oversized t-shirt advertising Stephen King’s new book (wow).  

A month prior, he received a 3 oz. tube of Axe hair gel.  Yesss.

imageSource: Flickr

It’s like Klout is saying, hey you cocky nerds (the worst type of nerd), wanna get even less people to like you?  Tweet more, waste some time on our app, and then use the crap we send you!

It’s a win win.



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