Social Network for the Dying: My Last Wish

Niche social networks seem to come and go all the time.  The most recent targeted niche: the dying. 

The app “My Last Wish" has been released in beta for the iPhone (and soon the Android, because let’s not discriminate.. Android users are dying too).

The app is described as “A social networking application to make friendship with those unknown people from corners of the world with different ethnicity, culture, traditions, value systems, life style and much more – but having only one thing in common and that is the ‘Last Wish’.

“By this application we have tried to unite the community on the “Wish Wall” to share their last wish with the world and find out those people with similar wish as yours before you die, get connected to them and be friends forever.”  Forever, I guess, being for the short term in this case.

                Last Wish Social Network

The app is getting mixed reviews, with some critics calling it morbid and others calling it inspirational.  I call it gone in 2 weeks.

*cue John Mayer’s “Say”*


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