If Apple Made a Toilet: iPoo

Milos Paripovic has designed the ultimate product for Apple lovers:  the iPoo Toilet.


Sync the iPoo up to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod for the ideal entertainment experience.*  Don’t spend those precious hours minutes without a sleek Apple product to captivate you.

Paripovic is really poking fun at those of us who might love their Apple products a little too much.  He describes the features of the toilet in his promo poster.

"This toilet has exactly the same function as any other toilet and costs only twice as much for the same performance; but you will agree it is all about style and taste, and you will look a lot cooler in your friends’ eyes.”

Toilet seat is even thinner than the Macbook Air, and made from the same superb material, so you can wipe urine splatters just as easily.”

"Some say computer keyboards are five times dirtier than toilet seats, but our toilet seat is 5 times cleaner than computer keyboards!”

"Even though it is white and has one button, it does not mean it is an Apple product.  Unlike some Apple products, this toilet fully supports Flush.”

On a side note to my readers:  If you ever find yourself in a home with an iPoo toilet, please relieve yourself in the sink instead.  They deserve it.

*Syncing of the iPoo to another Apple product does not include the transfer of information or materials from one technology to the other.  Thank God.

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