News Flash: Adults are Addicted Too

Today I recalled my late high school days, when texting and mobile communication was all the rage.  I, too, had jumped onboard (faux or even real texting is a great way to make people think that you have friends).  Consequently teachers or parents frequently requested that I put away my phone.

  • "Whatever is happening on your phone can wait a few hours."
  • "The person you’re texting can’t be more important than the people you’re with right now."
  • "Watch the road, you just clipped a small child!"
  • "Sarie, why are your fingertips bleeding?"

Years later, the fad has faded a bit.  Now text messaging is only one of many ways to communicate.  


So, I’m at breakfast the other morning, and I notice something interesting.  While my phone (and my texts) are tucked away in my purse, that is not the case with others in the restaurant.  A pair of middle-aged women a table away are both typing on the keypads of their Blackberrys.  To my left I can see an elderly man share something on his iPhone with his wife.

In fact, adults all over the restaurant are occupied with their phones.

This got me thinking.  Both of my parents now know how to text, and do it regularly.  Almost all adults that I know use their mobile phones to communicate.  My pastor even drunk texted me once.

Could it be?  Are adults now addicted to their phones as much as young people?  I did a little online searching.


Oh snap.  Mama like.

Microsoft Tag popped out the above image this year for their study on mobile statistics.

Ages 34 to 54 are not the cut off, either.


Note how this Nielsen report shows middle-agers using mobile social media more than young people?  And 109% of people 55 and up are using social media on their phones?  How is that even possible?

Needless to say, I’m amused.  Now I just need to find a time machine so I can let my Ma know back in 2004.

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