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May 22

Social Network for the Dying: My Last Wish

Niche social networks seem to come and go all the time.  The most recent targeted niche: the dying. 

The app “My Last Wish" has been released in beta for the iPhone (and soon the Android, because let’s not discriminate.. Android users are dying too).

The app is described as “A social networking application to make friendship with those unknown people from corners of the world with different ethnicity, culture, traditions, value systems, life style and much more – but having only one thing in common and that is the ‘Last Wish’.

“By this application we have tried to unite the community on the “Wish Wall” to share their last wish with the world and find out those people with similar wish as yours before you die, get connected to them and be friends forever.”  Forever, I guess, being for the short term in this case.

                Last Wish Social Network

The app is getting mixed reviews, with some critics calling it morbid and others calling it inspirational.  I call it gone in 2 weeks.

*cue John Mayer’s “Say”*


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Apr 26

Slacktory Gets It: Realistic Ads for Social Media Tools

Slacktory on Instagram

Slacktory on iPads

Slacktory on Pinterest

Thanks to Matt Stevenson for keeping it real.

Lost Boy Finds Family with Google Earth 20 Years Later

When he was 5 years old, an Indian boy named Saroo was helping his older brother, who had a job sweeping up trash on Indian trains.  Tired, the young boy fell asleep.  When he woke up 14 hours later, he was in Calcutta.  That was in 1986.

Saroo Brierley Indian Boy

Not knowing the name of his hometown or how to get there, Saroo wandered the train stations of Calcutta and survived through begging. After a year, he was taken in by an orphanage, and adopted by the Brierley family.  He spent the next 20 years growing up in Australia.

As he grew older, Saroo Brierley began searching for his hometown on Google Earth, keeping an eye out for landmarks he remembered.  He searched the satellite images of India for the waterfall he used to play in.  One day, he found it.

Saroo Lost Indian Boy

When I found [Khandwa], I zoomed down and bang, it just came up. I navigated it all the way from the waterfall where I used to play.”

Saroo traveled to Khandwa and found the home where he used to reside.  He showed the residents a photo of himself as a child and asked for his family members by name.  A few minutes later, he was led to his mother.  It was February of 2012.



Countdown til this story is turned into a made-for-tv movie?  I’ll put 2 bucks on it.


Photo & Story Source: BBC

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Apr 25

Klout App for iPhone: Just What I Needed

Hooray, my roommate just became MORE annoying!

Klout, the company that measures a user’s online influence, released an app for the iPhone today.

The app will track K+s and feature real-time scoring, giving Klout users the ability to check their scores even more frequently.

This means even more “Yo Sarie, did you see that Kraft tweeted at me? My Klout score is gonna go krazy" and "MC Hammer follows me on Twitter, so I’m prolly gonna get sum new Klout perks in the mail.” (Yes, he really talks like Chet Haze.)

In reality, my roommate’s high Klout score has totally paid off when it comes to Klout perks. Just last week he got a big orange shoe box that included 2 books (do Klout users really read books?), a bookmark (wtf?), and an oversized t-shirt advertising Stephen King’s new book (wow).  

A month prior, he received a 3 oz. tube of Axe hair gel.  Yesss.

imageSource: Flickr

It’s like Klout is saying, hey you cocky nerds (the worst type of nerd), wanna get even less people to like you?  Tweet more, waste some time on our app, and then use the crap we send you!

It’s a win win.



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Pictureless Pinterest: That Happening Photo Sharing Site, Without All the Tedious Photos

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the dumbest Twitter account ever.

Pictureless Pinterest: the best of Pinterest without having to look at the pictures.

Uh, yeah? Of course I follow them..

The Oatmeal Announces “The State of the Web: Spring 2012”

The Oatmeal State of the Web

The Oatmeal Instagram

The Oatmeal Google +

The Oatmeal Kickstarter

The Oatmeal Yahoo

The Oatmeal Google Glasses


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Apr 20

"My Clothes Smell Like Colon" and Other Tweets That Make Me Welcome An Apocolypse

Tweets Mispelled Colon

Like I said.. proud to be an American.

Apr 19


Inbredneck Arrested After Posting Photo of Theft to Facebook

Well, another idiot has been made famous by Facebook.

Michael Baker of Jenkins, Kentucky, was arrested Monday for siphoning gas from a cop car.  

This 20 year-old mouth-breather would have gotten away with it too.. if he hadn’t posted a photo of the act on his Facebook page.


When the photo went viral, Jenkins police came knocking at Baker’s door. 

Of course, this hasn’t stopped Baker from updating his status.


Baker commented on his own status, saying (you might have to read this a few times to understand it), “yea lol u would just have to seen it it was funny as hell tho.”

Another day that I’m proud to be an American.




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Apr 18

Siri Sucks So Hard, She’s Getting Sued


Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant for the iPhone 4S, is in trouble.

A class action lawsuit against Apple has been filed by Frank M. Fazio (and friends), citing intentional misrepresentation and neglectful misrepresentation, among other things.  

The lawsuit states

Defendant’s advertisements regarding the Siri feature are fundamentally and designedly false and misleading.  Notwithstanding Apple’s extensive multi-million dollar advertising campaign showcasing the Siri feature, and the fact that the iPhone 4S is more expensive than the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S’s Siri feature does not perform as advertised, rendering the iPhone 4S merely a more expensive iPhone 4.

I’m not sure if a lawsuit was necessary, but Fazio is correct that Siri does not perform as advertised.  As an iPhone 4S owner myself, I will candidly say that Siri and I are not friends.  Her success ratio for my commands is about 1 to 5.  And no one should have to be okay with such a terrible by-product (except my parents).  


Gizimodo’s Mat Honan wrote steamed about his disappointment with Siri, saying:

"And for me, once the novelty wore off, what I found was that Siri is not so intelligent after all—it’s simply another voice program that will obey very specific commands. If it knows those commands. If it can understand you. And if it has a network connection. Were this Google, or Microsoft, I’d shrug. But it’s not, it’s Apple. And Apple is the company that sells perfection. It’s a company that usually keeps its promises, and in its Siri ads, it promises far more than what it actually delivers. That’s not what any of us signed up for."

Straight up? Siri’s a b*tch. For instance, she and I had the following conversation earlier today. 

Me: Siri, set me an alarm for tomorrow at 7 a.m.
Siri: Okay, I made an appointment for tomorrow between “me and a lime.”  Are you ready for me to schedule it?
Me: No.
Siri: I do not understand “now”. To continue, you can Send, Cancel, Review, or Change it.
Me: Change.
Siri: I don’t understand “Change”?
Me: Goddammit Siri!
Siri: I didn’t quite get that.
Me: *inserts gun into mouth*

If I wanted an annoying and disobedient assistant, I would have kept paying that homeless girl to follow me around.



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